1. Social Justice
    Jah Warrior meets Diggory Kenrick

  2. Deception
    Jah Warrior meets Jahsian

  3. Level Headed
    Jah Warrior meets The Dub Organiser

  4. Danger Zone

  5. Can't Take The Pressure (Conscious Sounds Remix)
    Hughie Izachaar

  6. Diversion Tactics

  7. Critical Thinking

  8. Dubbing In London

  9. Gates Of Zion

  10. Jah Warrior Singles Volume 9
    Various Artists

  11. Financial Crisis

  12. Jah Warrior Singles Volume 8
    Various Artists

  13. Living My Culture
    Mike Brooks

  14. Natural Forces

  15. Struggling

  16. Jah Warrior Singles Volume 7
    Various Artists

  17. Warrior Dub
    Zulu Warriors

  18. Mama Afrika

  19. Creation Rock (Tribute To Lee Perry Part 2)

  20. Jah Warrior Showcase Vol 3
    Various Artists

  21. The Greatest Sound


  23. Suffering

  24. Stepping

  25. Late Night Rockers

  26. Speak The Truth
    Don Fe

  27. Come Mek Wi Run
    Hughie Izachaar

  28. Broken Promises

  29. General

  30. Vampire (Tribute To Lee Perry)

  31. Underground

  32. Sunlight

  33. Sound Of The Drum

  34. Nile Skank

  35. Cause And Effect

  36. Righteous Children

  37. Political Games
    Jah Warrior & Diggory Kenrick

  38. Revolutionary Mind
    Jah Warrior & Natty Princess Horns

  39. Critical Situation Dub

  40. Pollution
    Jah Warrior ft Naph-Tali

  41. Fittest Of The Fittest
    Culture Freeman

  42. Please Jah, Help Me
    Reality Souljahs

  43. Another One Gone
    Donovan Kingjay

  44. Leggo Mi Hand
    Danny Red

  45. Rebellious
    Lutan Fyah

  46. Not Enough

  47. Hail Him
    Peter Broggs

  48. Rootical Vibrations
    Various Artists

  49. Lef Babylon & Come
    Peter Broggs

  50. Get Up Stand Up & Rock
    Hughie Izachaar

  51. Ethiopian Melody Dubplate Mixes

  52. World Of Confusion Dub

  53. Jah Jah Voice Is Calling
    Peter Broggs

  54. Musical Message

  55. Positive Vibes

  56. Star Of David Dubplate Mix

  57. It A Go Dread Remix
    Jah Warrior feat Naph-Tali

  58. Jah Golden Throne Dubplate Mix
    Peter Broggs

  59. No Racial War Dub

  60. Gather Round Remix
    Prince Alla

  61. Higher Ises
    Peter Broggs

  62. Rotten Apples
    Tena Stelin

  63. Thanks And Praise
    Hughie Izachaar

  64. African Tribes Dub

  65. Great Kings Of Israel In Dub

  66. One Of These Days

  67. Dub From The Heart

  68. Can't Take The Pressure
    Hughie Izachaar

  69. Dub From The Heart Part 2

  70. Lion Symbol
    Tena Stelin

  71. Jah Warrior Showcase
    Various Artists

  72. Glory
    Prince Alla

  73. Jah Golden Throne
    Peter Broggs

  74. 3 The Roots Way
    Ranking Joe, Trinity & U Brown

  75. Jah Warrior Showcase Vol 2
    Various Artists

  76. Youthman Veteran

  77. Shining Bright
    Rod Taylor

  78. More Love
    Prince Alla

  79. Rougher Than The Rest
    U Brown

  80. Most Royal
    Jah Mason

  81. Adventures In Bass

  82. Never Surrender My Faith
    Lutan Fyah

  83. Fire Fe Lucifer
    Peter Broggs

  84. Never Give Up
    Peter Broggs

  85. Jah Mason Meets Jah Warrior In Dub

  86. Warrior Style
    Various Artists

  87. Jah Golden Throne Dubwise

  88. More Dub
    Jah Warrior meets Prince Alla

  89. Jah Warrior & Friends
    Various Artists

  90. Dubs From The House Of Jah Warrior

  91. Dub Showcase The Early Years 1995-1997

  92. Jah Warrior Singles Vol 1
    Various Artists

  93. Jah Warrior Singles Vol 2
    Various Artists

  94. Jah Warrior Singles Vol 3
    Various Artists

  95. Jah Warrior Singles Vol 4
    Various Artists

  96. Jah Warrior Singles Vol 5
    Various Artists

  97. Jah Warrior Singles Vol 6
    Various Artists

  98. Earth Wind & Fire Steppers Remix EP
    Various Artists

  99. So Long (Disciples Remix) EP
    Jah Mason

  100. The 22nd Book

  101. Star Of David + Vampire

  102. Judgement Day + Conquering Lion

  103. Zulu + Equal Rights

  104. Pollution/African Land

  105. Rootsman Potential
    Culture Freeman

  106. Lion Symbol
    Tena Stelin

  107. Zulu Man
    Alton Ellis

  108. Man Fi Strong
    Professor Frisky

  109. Ain't Gonna Be Put Down
    Kenny Knots

  110. Jah Is Love
    Sister Rasheda

  111. Satan Bites The Dust
    Ranking Joe

  112. Put Down The Gun (Steppers Remix)
    King General

  113. Hornsman Skank

  114. Babylon Shall Fall

  115. Dub From The Heart

  116. Hiding From Reality

  117. It A Go Dread
    Jah Warrior meets Naph-Tali

  118. Put Down The Gun
    King General

  119. Can't Take The Pressure
    Hughie Izachaar

  120. Ease Off
    Tony Roots

  121. Jah Golden Throne
    Peter Broggs

  122. Jah Mountain
    Prince Alla

  123. Africa
    Anthony Johnson

  124. Now Is The Time
    Danny Vibes

  125. Sinner
    Afrikan Simba

  126. Most Royal
    Jah Mason

  127. Never Surrender My Faith
    Lutan Fyah

  128. No Joke
    Jah Mason

  129. Let Righteousness Be Your Guide
    Lutan Fyah

  130. Righteous
    Michael Rose

  131. Crab In A Barrel
    Lutan Fyah

  132. Drifter Inna Warrior Style
    Ranking Joe

  133. Creation
    Anthony John

  134. Smoke The High Grade
    Lutan Fyah

  135. Tired Fe Live In The Ghetto
    Ranking Joe

  136. Rainbow Circle Throne
    Jah Mason

  137. Open Up
    Bobby Blue

  138. Rumours Of War
    Jah Mason

  139. 2000 Style
    Zulu Warriors & Naph-Tali

  140. African King

  141. Majestic Stepper + Strong Dub

  142. Free Up The Herb
    Peter Broggs

  143. Impostor
    Afrikan Simba

  144. It's Your Society
    Lutan Fyah

  145. Conquering Lion

  146. Naph-Tali - Visionary Dream

  147. Declaration Of Rights Riddim EP
    Various Artists

  148. Creation Riddim EP
    Various Artists

  149. Drifter Riddim EP
    Various Artists

  150. Glory Riddim
    Various Artists

  151. Rumours Of War Riddim

  152. Reality Riddim

  153. No Joke Riddim
    Various Artists

  154. Weeping And Wailing Riddim
    Various Artists

  155. Rougher Than The Rest Riddim
    Various Artists

  156. Hungry Riddim
    Various Artists

  157. Rasta Riddim
    Various Artists

  158. Rainbow Circle Throne Riddim
    Various Artists

  159. Impostor Riddim
    Various Artists

  160. Natty Princess Horns Revolutionary Mind Test Press

  161. Nuh Eat From Morning Riddim
    Various Artists

  162. Man Fi Strong Riddim
    Various Artists

  163. I-lodica Natural Forces Test Press

  164. Mike Brooks Living My Culture Test Press

  165. Jahsian Deception limited edition 7" white label test press
    Jah Warrior meets Jahsian

  166. Diggory Kenrick Social Justice limited edition white label test press
    Jah Warrior meets Diggory Kenrick

  167. Dub Organiser Level Headed limited edition 7" white label test press
    Jah Warrior meets The Dub Organiser

  168. Reality Souljahs Please Jah Help Me Test Press

  169. Culture Freeman Fittest Of The Fittest Test Press


Jah Warrior London, UK

Jah Warrior Records was founded in 1995 by producer and musician Steve Mosco. From day one the style was always roots reggae and dub. Influenced by Jamaican greats like King Tubby, Lee Perry & Augustus Pablo plus sound systems like Jah Shaka, Jah Warrior fuses vintage Jamaican Roots with today's UK Roots style which has influenced and attracted a massive audience worldwide. Tune in and enjoy! ... more

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